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Construction Photography: Seeing Orange, Red, and Yellow

I just got back from a trip to Ann Arbor, Michigan. Being a northern city with only so many snow-free months, Ann Arbor has a “go flat-out while you can” approach to road construction.

This year, there’s been quite a bit of road work in and around Ann Arbor. Meaning that you’ll be seeing a lot of orange…

Construction photography - Safety flashers atop barrels in Ann Arbor, Michigan

The resulting traffic delays will probably have you seeing red. And using colorful language that I don’t dare repeat on this blog…

Construction photography - Road work warning sign in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Now that fall is here, the beleaguered drivers, bicyclists, and walkers of Ann Arbor will soon be getting a break. Those much-reviled construction projects will be halted for the duration of The Season that Every Michigander Likes to Complain About. That would be winter.

In the meantime, enjoy those fall colors while you’ve got ’em!

Travel photography - Fall colors along Main Street in Ann Arbor, Michigan

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