Construction Photography

Construction Photography: Here We Go Again

Nothing like a backed-up septic tank to enliven an eastern Pennsylvania family’s Christmas Eve. The family in question would be mine. And this story’s almost a carbon copy of the one I blogged two years ago.

Once again, a call to Hickman Sanitation, and out comes owner Dave Hickman (below) with one of his employees. Let the pumping process begin…

Construction photography - septic pumper truck hose connection

This is one of those “dirty jobs, but someone has to do it” scenarios. But the Hickman Sanitation guys aren’t grossed out by the task at hand. They just do it…

Construction photography - septic tank pumping

Here’s a tip for tanker truck observers: When the upper bubble starts showing liquid, it’s time to shut down the pump and empty the tank…

Construction photography - septic pumper truck fill levels

Which is done back at the Hickman Sanitation headquarters. Note my previous post – the tank contents are transferred into a much bigger truck, which makes regular runs to a regional waste disposal facility.

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