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Your New Word for Today

Poor Dick Quax. He gets into a Twitter debate with two alternative transportation enthusiasts and the next thing you know, his name is a hashtag.

Responding to a request for better transport options at a local mall, the Auckland, New Zealand city councillor said, “[N]o one in the entire Western world uses the train for their shopping trips … the very idea that people lug home their supermarket shopping on the train is fanciful.”

“I get groceries on my bike,” said one of the enthusiasts.

“Yeah right,” retorted Quax.

Game on.

People started tweeting pictures of bikes carrying food, champagne, clothing, furniture, even garden mulch. Within weeks, a new word entered the lexicon:

Quax: To shop, in the Western world, by means of walking, cycling or public transit.

Quaxing is featured in my latest Tailwinds magazine article. This link opens the online version of the magazine – my story is on page 15.

In case you’re wondering, I am indeed a quaxer. For groceries and other purchases – and for treasures that I find around town.

In the News

Southern Arizona’s summer monsoon season has been fickle. I’ve watched storms raging a few miles away, and nary a drop on my roof.

The sluggish monsoons recently caught the attention of our local media, and I lamented the sad state of my garden on Tucson’s public radio station, NPR 89.1. Want to hear the audio? Phoenix-based KJZZ has it.

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