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Photo Essay: Container Garden Expansion

The City of Tucson’s semi-annual Brush and Bulky waste collection is quite the event. All over town, the treasure hunters come out in force. Some load their pickup trucks full of castoff furniture, scrap metal, lumber, railroad ties, you name it.

Count me as one of the two-wheeled Brush and Bulky treasure hunters. And what did I find a few blocks away but an assortment of clay pots. So, one fine morning, I hitched my trailer to the bike and pedaled over to the Undisclosed Location.

After gathering my treasures, I towed them home…

Photo essays - Bicycle towing trailer with pots to be used in Tucson, Arizona container garden

The next step involved a dip into my compost bins. When I’m growing things, I like to have a 50-50 soil and compost mix. Not a problem. I have plenty of compost.

Next job was dropping some pepper seeds into the mix, watering the pots, then photographing the finished work…

Photo essays - Tucson, Arizona container garden

And how is my in-ground garden growing? Pretty well! I dropped a bunch of melon seeds in this garden and look what happened…

Photo essays - Tucson, Arizona sunken garden with melon sprouts

I think the mystery seeds in this basin are going to produce squash. I’m hoping for spaghetti squash…

Photo essays - Tucson, Arizona sunken garden with squash plants

As mentioned in a previous post, I put the lattices of thorny branches over my sunken gardens to keep the feral cats out of them. For the most part, this low-tech deterrence works well.

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