Event Photography

Event Photography: 2nd Saturdays Downtown

The heat of the summer months is starting to abate, which means that late afternoons and evenings can be enjoyed outdoors.

This past Saturday, thousands of Tucsonans did just that. They converged on the heart of the city for 2nd Saturdays Downtown.

This event combines street performances, arts and crafts tables, and business specials. The 9/11 edition included a high energy acrobatic performance by Les Avenge…

Event photography - Les Avenge performance at 2nd Saturdays Downtown, Tucson, Arizona

If you’re looking for a more laid back performance, how about this live human statue? Not one note emerged from that flute…

Event photography - Live human statue at 2nd Saturdays Downtown, Tucson, Arizona

Down at the Rialto Theatre, the crowd’s starting to gather for the Santa Muerte Music & Arts Festival…

Event photography - Crowd waiting to enter the Rialto Theatre, Downtown, Tucson, Arizona

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