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Event Photography: First Thursday Art Walk

Yesterday evening was one of those times when the "Yeah, right!" storm clouds stomped through central Tucson. You know those clouds. They throw out plenty of thunder and lightning, but rain? No way.

So, I got on my bike and pedaled over to Main Gate Square’s First Thursday Art Walk. This month’s event featured work by more than 30 local artists, but, quite frankly, I couldn’t find it. Then it occurred to me that it was monsoon season, and what artist in his or her right mind would want to display art outdoors?

Thwarted in my attempt to find art, I encountered music instead. Here’s a member of One Heart Beat, a local percussion ensemble…

Event and concert photography: One Heart Beat in performance at First Thursday Art Walk, Main Gate Square, Tucson, Arizona

So there I was, enjoying the drumming, and what’s this? Big drops of water falling from the sky? So much for saying "Yeah, right!" to the clouds.

It was time for this bike-tographer to hop aboard the two-wheeler and scurry home. Where the wind was whipping the trees, the sun was making a double rainbow, and the clouds were on strike…

Nature photography - Double rainbow in Tucson, Arizona

Maybe it will rain tonight.

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