Event Photography

Event Photography: Close-ups at the Bicycle Swap Meet

Last month’s Swap Meet was a great place for the buying, selling and trading of anything having to do with bikes and bicycling.

It also presented a wonderful opportunity to engage in the art of bike-tography, which combines bicycling and photography. In addition to getting wide-angle shots of all the action, the Swap Meet was a great venue for close-up work.

I’m not talking about macro close-ups. (After all, the tread wear on used bicycle tires isn’t that interesting.) More like “up close and personal” shots.

Take, for example, this look at two guys checking out used bikes…

Event photography - Shoppers checking out used bikes at the Bicycle Swap Meet, Tucson, Arizona

Or how about the age-old answer of what to lean your bike against if it doesn’t have a kickstand. How about a traffic cone?

Bicycle photography - Parked bike at the Bicycle Swap Meet, Tucson, Arizona

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