Event Photography

Event Photography: Election Day 2008

Today is Election Day, and today’s bicycle ride took me through much of central Tucson. I took advantage of the opportunity to seek out long lines at polling places.

And I couldn’t find any.

I was also looking for those clusters of campaign signs that spring up at just about every major intersection. Wouldn’t ya know it, most of them were already gone. Here’s one that still remains at the corner of Speedway and Euclid…

Event photography - Campaign signs in Tucson, Arizona

Yard signs were still out in force. Obama holds a substantial lead in the local yard sign derby. He’s also making a strong showing on the bumper sticker front. Something tells me that John McCain isn’t going to do well in the southern end of his home state.

Meanwhile, back on the home front, I made my front window into an impromptu election display…

Event photography - Homemade election display in Tucson, Arizona

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