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Event Photography: Mesquite Bean Grinding

If you have a mesquite tree in your yard, you know that they’re just full of beans. And, every summer, those beans come a-tumbling down to the ground. You’ve probably wondered if there’s something better to do with them than raking them up and throwing them away.

The good news is that there is. You can grind those beans and make flour. Yes, you’ll need milling equipment, but that’s where Tucson’s Desert Harvesters come into the picture. They have a hammermill and will travel to community events. All you have to do is show up with your buckets of beans, pay a very reasonable milling fee, then set about the task of separating the good beans from the moldy ones…

Event photography - Mesquite bean sorting in Tucson, Arizona

Although moldy mesquite beans are verboten in the Desert Harvesters’ mill, they’ll make great mulch in your yard. As for the usable beans, the hard-working Desert Harvesters millers will convert them into flour for you. Here they are at the community grinding that Tucson’s Dunbar Spring neighborhood hosted this past Saturday…

Event photography - Mesquite bean milling in Tucson, Arizona

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