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Event Photography: Shooting Chickens

Last week, I got a request from Tucson’s Food Conspiracy Co-op: Could I photograph their 5th annual Chicken Coop Tour?

Well, sure! I’ve always wanted to shoot a bunch of chickens.

What a great way to spend this past Saturday, which happened to be a lovely sunny day here in Tucson.

The Chicken Coop Tour is one of those quirky local traditions that benefits a couple of good causes. Proceeds from tour ticket sales benefit the Watershed Management Group and the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona.

How does the Chicken Coop Tour work? Tour participants buy tickets for $5.00 each, and then they get a private link to an online map. The map guides them to the 19 coops on the tour. Some coops are at private residences and others are school-based. You can visit as many or as few coops as you can get to during a four-hour period.

Since I get around by bicycle, I concentrated on chicken coops in central Tucson. At one stop, in the Winterhaven neighborhood, my Official Bike-tography Bike came under scrutiny. Looks like this feathered starlet has a two-wheeled rival…

Event photography - hen scrutinizes bicycle during Food Conspiracy Co-op 2012 Chicken Coop Tour

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