Event Photography

Event Photography: Rainy Earthworks Workshop

This past Thursday, Tucson was visited by something we hadn’t seen for a while: Rain. Our soggy guest stayed around for the weekend and was most welcome.

On Saturday morning, a nearby neighbor hosted a Watershed Management Group (WMG) earthworks workshop during intermittent showers. More than a dozen people turned out, including this couple from up the street. They’re building a drainage swale…

Event photography - building drainage swale during Watershed Management Group earthworks workshop in Tucson, Arizona

Rain is the main reason for this workshop. During past storms, water has flowed from the street and stopped just short of Nicolas and Bonnie’s front door. Scary.

So, with some help for Li’l John Excavating, four basins were dug in the front and side yards. After the WMG workshoppers shaped the excavations into attractive areas for planting, in went the mulch, trees, and shrubs.

Total work time: Three hours! That’s it!

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