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Front Yard Makeover

It’s been a decade since the Watershed Management Group (WMG) did any work in my front yard. Then came this past summer. WMG was here for a cistern workshop, and that included the installation of rain gutters.

Funny thing about rain gutters. When it rains, they drain copious quantities of rain from my south-facing roof. Unlike the water from the north-facing roof, which is routed to the cistern, this water goes gushing out of a downspout and into the yard.

Cue up the front yard flooding in 3,2,1 …

The WMG solution? Earthworks! Specifically, two basins that can harvest 250 gallons of rooftop runoff during a one-inch rainstorm.

WMG staff and volunteers also added a selection of low water-use plants that can survive between rainstorms. They include the black dalea that’s show at the top of this post.

Previous Water Harvesting Workshops

This is the sixth Watershed Management Group that I have hosted at my place. Here are summaries of the previous five:

  1. Earthworks in 2008
  2. Earthworks in 2009
  3. Earthworks in 2010
  4. Greywater Harvesting in 2017
  5. Cistern Installation in 2020
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