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Identity Design: Science Teaching as a Profession

April 2015 update: The website is no longer online.

American students aren’t the only ones dropping out of school. Their teachers are leaving too. Poor working conditions and low pay are the oft-cited reasons. The dropout problem among science teachers is especially critical because they are hard to replace.

The Science Teaching as a Profession (STP) project is working to elevate the status of secondary school science teachers. Funded by the Research Corporation, STP is co-directed by Sheila Tobias, a Tucson-based educational consultant who wrote the best-selling book, Overcoming Math Anxiety, and Anne Baffert, who chairs the science department at Tucson’s Salpointe Catholic High School.

Sheila and Anne are co-authoring a book based on their interviews with science teachers throughout the United States.

I worked with Sheila and Anne to:

  • Design the website’s look and feel, including its logo.
  • Implement the site’s content management system and show Anne (the site’s manager) how to use it.
  • Create letterhead, envelopes, and business cards for Sheila and Anne to use at interviews with teachers and educational conferences.

Web Design: Science Teaching as a Profession

In addition to the design work, I shot the website’s home page photo and did another photo shoot in Anne’s science classroom.

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