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Nature Photography: Branch Recycling

A couple of posts ago, I talked about the need to have my mesquite tree trimmed.

This begs the question of what happened to the cut branches. Well, a couple of things happened to them.

Two of the big branches are going to become walking sticks. Here’s one of them, in a still life I could call “Sunrise Over Compost Bin.” Or something like that…

Nature photography - cut mesquite branch behind compost bin in Tucson, Arizona

I piled the rest of the branches in a garden basin that’s laying fallow. As the leaves fall off, they’ll become mulch for the basin…

Nature photography - cut mesquite branches in fallow garden basin, Tucson, Arizona

Since it’s summer, I’m running my swamp cooler. The cooler has a water bleedoff valve and that valve is connected to an irrigation line. Which is making the desert hackberry very happy…

Nature photography - swamp cooler irrigation line in Tucson, Arizona

Time for a visit to the vegetable garden. Which is proving to be quite the buffet for various insect pests.

They’re really going after my pepper plants. Note the yellowed leaves in this photo…

Nature photography - ailing pepper plants in Tucson, Arizona

I’ve been removing the yellowed leaves and brittle branches, but the bugs keep finding other places to chow down. Oh, well. As long as the plants keep producing peppers, I’ll keep them in their pots.

Alas, the news from the big barrel isn’t as good. I had to pull my spaghetti squash crop. The borer infestation was too advanced.

I replaced the squash with O’odham Common Beans (Vayos), and they’re doing well — so far…

Nature photography - O'odham Common Beans sprouting in Tucson, Arizona

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