Nature Photography

Nature Photography: Green at Last

Back in early February, a hard freeze hit Tucson and southern Arizona. Daytime highs just made it into the forties, and the nighttime lows were in the teens.

The extreme cold was quite rough on the local plant life. Frozen prickly pear cactus dropped their pads or fell over. And our hardy mesquites made like the trees up north and dropped their leaves.

So, we Tucsonans looked forward to spring with more than the usual amount of anticipation. And we weren’t disappointed.

I’ve been delighted to see my front yard mesquite donning a new coat of finery in just a few days…

Nature photography - Mesquite tree in spring bloom, Tucson, Arizona

The prickly pears? Let’s say that even the damaged plants are making a very nice recovery and sprouting new growth…

Nature photography - Prickly pear cactus budding in spring, Tucson, Arizona

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