Nature Photography

Nature Photography: Half-Inch Rain

So much for trash-talking the clouds. One of them took umbrage and thundered at me.

That cloud invited its friends over for a party, and rain it did! Half an inch in less than an hour.

After checking the rain gauge total, I trained my camera on the side-yard garden.

Chiltepin pepper plants with prickly pear cactus behind…

Nature photography - chiltepin pepper plants and prickly pear cactus after rain in Tucson, Arizona

The lemon basil is about ready for another trim…

Nature photography - lemon basil after rain in Tucson, Arizona

I use the lemon basil in marinades. The other ingredients are salt, vinegar, and water with store-bought cucumbers. I’ll confess to being wildly unsuccessful at growing cucumbers.

Bean plants gotta climb! This strand of O’odham Vayos is working its way into the prickly pear branches…

Nature photography - vayo bean plant after rain in Tucson, Arizona

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