Nature Photography

Nature Photography: Look what’s back in town!

Spent Saturday morning in a greywater harvesting class. After class, it was time to hop on the bike and head back to the neighborhood.

What should I see in the southeastern sky but a huge pileup of clouds. “Yeah, right!” I said to them. Like they were really going to bring us rain.

After stopping briefly at a community festival, it was back to the homestead and an afternoon on the computer. Had some music to preview for an upcoming radio show.

Well, I’ve got the headphones on, and what should I hear but…


Wait a minute. Those clouds I taunted this morning. They’re actually producing rain?

Not quite yet, but they sure look like they’re about to get down to business…

Nature photography - storm clouds closing in on Tucson, Arizona

Look at all those mesquite beans on my tree! Best crop in years!

Nature photography - mesquite beans on windblown branches, Tucson, Arizona

With so many beans on the tree, it’s mesquite flour ahoy! Just as long as the storm doesn’t knock them to the ground first. (It didn’t.)

How about those raindrops on the welcome mat? Yeah, rain! Welcome back to my place!

Nature photography - raindrops on welcome mat, Tucson, Arizona

Did I mention that summer’s first rainfall makes me very happy? And that scenes like this make me even happier?

Nature photography - raindrops on porch, Tucson, Arizona

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