Nature Photography

Nature Photography: Monsoon Garden in the Fall

Before this summer’s monsoon season, I lost an entire barrel of spaghetti squash plants. Borers got to them.

So, I re-planted the barrel with O’odham Vayo beans.

I watered them. And watered. And watered.

It was getting to the point of being ridiculous. Was this impressive growth of Vayo bean vines ever going to produce anything?

Finally, the beans started coming. And, almost two months later, they still are…

Nature photography - Flowering Vayo beans in Tucson, Arizona

November is just a week away. Time to plant more seeds.

I needed more pots, so I put the word out on Facebook. Thanks to Stanley, a member of the Tucson Backyard Gardening group, I’m now the proud owner of these used pots…

Nature photography - Seeded fall-winter garden pots in Tucson, Arizona

I’ve put a variety of seeds in them and have no idea which ones will germinate. We shall see…

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