Nature Photography

Nature Photography: Monsoon Storm

Tucson’s summer monsoon is in full swing, and that means thunderstorms. Big ones. They form quickly, and they can really pack a wallop.

Yesterday afternoon, a real thumper rolled into town. Dumped .58″ of rain at my house, and that made my plants very happy. It also made for some interesting photographic opportunities.

The festivities stated with an oh-so-innocent looking rainbow…

Rainbow precedes monsoon storm in Tucson, Arizona

A neighbor suggested that the rainbow meant that we’d dodged the storm. Ummm, not quite…

Raindrops at start of monsoon storm in Tucson, Arizona

I had to flee to the safety of my house and watch the storm from the living room…

Downpour during monsoon storm in Tucson, Arizona

This morning was warm and sunny, perfect for going out and seeing how the rain gauge kept score…

Rain gauge measures rainfall from monsoon storm in Tucson, Arizona

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