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Nature Photography: Monsoons Rival Fireworks

The summer monsoon storms have busted back into southern Arizona. The festivities started late last week with a couple of after-dark storms that were loud and rowdy enough to deprive anyone of a good night’s sleep.

Not that our July 4th afternoon storm was quiet and understated. Far from it. When it came to noise and drama, this storm rivaled Tucson’s big Downtown fireworks display.

It blew in with a huge wind that threatened to tear my flag right off its pole…

Nature photography - wind-whipped flag in Tucson, Arizona

After I spirited the wind-whipped flag into the house, I headed back out for more storm-watching. Didn’t get much further than the front yard, what with all the entertainment provided by the mesquite tree. Which stood strong in the high winds…

Nature photography - wind-whipped flag in Tucson, Arizona

After all the buildup, it’s time for the rain. And it didn’t disappoint…

Nature photography - rain hits the prickly pear cactus in Tucson, Arizona

Around Tucson, we’ve been playing the “wait until it rains” game since, oh, the beginning of time. (We’ve been in a long drought.)

Well, it’s time to end the procrastination. Which means that it’s time to move the compost bucket to higher ground, then shore up the east side of the garden basin so that the rainwater pools in the middle…

Nature photography - Waterlogged compost bucket in Tucson, Arizona

And it looks like it’s time to plant something new in this pot. I had some aloe vera plants in there, but they were killed in February’s hard freeze.

Nature photography - Empty pot during rainstorm in Tucson, Arizona

As for washing the windows and screens, just did that in May. I’ll let Mother Nature handle things until next spring…

Nature photography - Window screen gets soaked during storm in Tucson, Arizona

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