Nature Photography

Nature Photography: Solids and Liquids

A Christmas holiday visit to family in Pennsylvania reveals a timeless truth about the Keystone State’s winter weather: It varies.

On one day, it’s cool enough for a jacket. Perfect weather for my mother to stroll around the neighborhood with Buddy the Labrador Retriever…

Animal photography - walking Labrador Retriever on a leash

Looks like Buddy’s found another interesting scent. This one merits very close inspection. Which means that the four-legged detective is on the job…

Animal photography - Labrador Retriever on scent

Eastern Pennsylvania normally gets around 40 inches of rain each year. The 2011 total? More than five feet, which included a late summer drenching courtesy of Tropical Storm Irene. In late December, the ground’s still saturated, and watch out for the low spots…

Nature photography - tire track puddles

When the cold comes, and it always does, the water turns to ice, entrapping everything within it…

Nature photography - leaves frozen in ice

Nature photography - ice bubbles

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