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Nature Photography: Tripping at the Zoo

Just got back from visiting friends in Peoria, Arizona. Another great time with my host, Judy Vorfeld, and her ever-irreverent brother, David Crook.

Case in point: We’re at the Wildlife World zoo in Litchfield Park. It’s the 1 p.m. feeding time for the Lory Parrots, and zoo patrons are encouraged to participate.

So, David decides to channel William Tell’s son…

Nature photography - David Crook tries to attract the Wildlife World Lory Parrots with an apple chunk on his head

Fortunately for David and the rest of us, the Lory Parrots and the zoo staff weren’t interested in practicing their archery skills. And, for some strange reason, the birds just didn’t want to use David’s head as a landing zone.

However, the apple-in-hand thing is working quite well…

Nature photography - David Crook hand-feeding a Lory Parrot at Wildlife World, Litchfield Park, Arizona

On to the llama exhibit. Where we see one member of the species having serious personal hygiene issues.

Dirty dreadlocks? Check. Grass on back? Check.

Nature photography - Llama at Wildlife World, Litchfield Park, Arizona

I guess that’s how llamas get back to nature if they’re in Arizona instead of South America.

Since we’re talking about the Grand Canyon state, did you know that our fall weather still feels a lot like summer? Almost 90 degrees yesterday. It’s enough to make you want to take a midday siesta like this Military Macaw…

Nature photography - Military Macaw taking a siesta at Wildlife World, Litchfield Park, Arizona

Wildlife World has an impressive aquarium exhibit with fabulous ambient music playing in the background. Pretty trippy accompaniment for watching a tank full of fish…

Nature photography - Aquarium fish at Wildlife World, Litchfield Park, Arizona

Okay, that’s enough tripping in the ambient mode.

One of the everlasting truths about aquariums is that they have to be cleaned. Doesn’t matter if it’s the fish tank in the corner of your office or a pool full of stingrays…

Nature photography - Cleaning stingray pool at Wildlife World, Litchfield Park, Arizona

Last but not least, there’s that ever-popular zoo pastime. Where we watch the creatures observing the humans in their native habitat…

Nature photography - Flamingos observing humans at Wildlife World, Litchfield Park, Arizona

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