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Photo Essay: Awaiting Monsoon Rains

News Flash: It’s hot and dry here in Tucson, Arizona. We’re eagerly anticipating the start of the monsoon rains.

In the meantime, my container garden appears to be holding up…

Photo essay - container garden awaits monsoon rains in Tucson, Arizona

I give the container garden at least one watering a day. The cactii? Well, they could use a drink…

Photo essay - sagging cactus plant awaits monsoon rains in Tucson, Arizona

What happens to sagging cactus branches? They get chopped off and left to dry out. I use dried the branches as mulch.

However, some of those branches refuse to go along with my plan. They sprout new buds. Which means that I have to find a place to plant them…

Photo essay - cactus cutting pile awaits monsoon rains in Tucson, Arizona

My previous post covered the start of the mesquite bean harvest. It’s in a bit of a lull, but the beans are still coming down. After they fall, they get washed and dried before storage…

Photo essay - mesquite beans drying in Tucson, Arizona

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