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Photo Essay: Brush and Bulky Treasure Hunt

Twice a year, the City of Tucson has a Brush and Bulky Pickup. Which prompts thousands of Tucsonans to lug their old couches, busted-up bookshelves, cracked flower pots, and tree branches out to the curb.

For those of us who enjoy the creative re-use of castoffs, the weekend before Brush and Bulky Pickup means one thing:

Treasure Hunt!

That’s exactly what Neighbor B and I did yesterday afternoon. We found an abundance of treasures in the Northwest, Feldman’s, and Jefferson Park Neighborhoods. Our own El Cortez Heights Neighborhood? Ehhh, not so much.

Being avid bicyclists, we carried out our treasure-hunting mission with two wheels, not four…

Photo Essay - Hunting for Brush and Bulky castoffs in Tucson, Arizona

While we were pedaling around, we saw quite a few pickup trucks filled with scrap metal. The Pickup Patrol turns out in force for Brush and Bulky. After all, that metal is worth money.

Neighbor B and Her Husband have a Quartet of Hens. They are not allowed to come on Brush and Bulky treasure hunts. Which makes cooped-up Margarita feel left out and very unhappy…

Photo Essay - Cooped-up chicken in Tucson, Arizona

Neighbor B to the rescue! Time to open the coop door and let the chickens out for some free roaming in the back yard…

Photo Essay - Un-cooped chickens in Tucson, Arizona

Yesterday was a very windy day. And, if there’s one thing that chickens don’t like, it’s having their feathers ruffled. Here’s 75% of the Quartet of Hens, seeking refuge from the wind…

Photo Essay - Chickens seeking refuge from high wind in Tucson, Arizona

The chicken not shown above was a very smart bird. When the wind gusted, she ran back into the coop and stayed there.

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