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Photo Essay: Furnace Room Door Replacement

INTRODUCTION: Springtime can only mean one thing at This Middle-Aged House: It’s time to fix the place up! Here’s the first in a series of Tucson home renovation photo essays.

After decades of service, my furnace room door was done. Falling apart. Kaput.

Time to call Tucson’s Green Handyman, Jesse Micander. His mission: Replace the existing door with a never-used solid core door that had been sitting in my shed.

Jesse removed the old door, measured the doorway, cut the new door to fit, and did the installation. After he left, I painted the door.

Then came the crew from Arizona Heating and Air. The HVAC guys were scoping out my place before installing a new furnace and air conditioner.

Well, they took one look at my freshly painted door and declared it unacceptable. Why? Because you can’t have a solid-core door at a furnace room. It simply doesn’t offer enough ventilation.

Aw, darn. Looks like I’ll need a couple of holes in my lovely painted door.

Hello, Jesse? My furnace room door. Again. Can you come back and add proper ventilation?

Jesse returns with tools, screens, and ventilation louvers. Back to work.

Wasn’t too long before my lovely painted door had proper ventilation. Which made me and the heating and cooling company very happy. So, onward to the next part of my Tucson home renovation adventure: the electrical and HVAC upgrades!

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