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Photo Essay: Electrical Service and Heating and Cooling Upgrades

INTRODUCTION: My Tucson home renovation adventure continues. Here’s the second in a series of photo essays, starring This Middle-Aged House!

I’d like to start this post with some advice: Before you get too far into your home renovation adventures, hire a home inspector.

A pre-renovation inspection will give you a big picture view of your property. And a good inspector will alert you to issues that you didn’t know were problems. At my place, there was a big one right above me. Inspector Wes found that my evaporative cooler had rusted out and was leaking onto the roof.

Time for a new cooler.

A friend recommended her Uncle Bob’s company, Arizona Heating and Air, and let me say that Bob offered a smoking good deal on a combo furnace and air conditioning system. Air conditioning! At This Middle-Aged House! Let’s do it!

Of course, nothing is simple at This Middle-Aged House.

Upgrading the HVAC meant that it was time to bring my electrical service up to date. Hello, Lytle Electric and members of IBEW Local 1116. Collectively, they boosted my service from 60 amp to 200 amp. Now I can be like the cool kids and run the air conditioner, the washing machine, and the vacuum cleaner at the same time.

With the electrical and HVAC upgrades done, I’m all set for a Tucson summer. Dealing with those triple-digit temperatures will be as simple as starting the AC. Ahhhh …

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