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Photo Essay: Hard Freeze

Here’s the conclusion to my annual series of “What I Did On My Christmas Vacation” posts.

Cold outside! This really was the temperature at the Retallick family home in Westtown, Pennsylvania…

Photo essay - thermometer reads two degrees above zero in Westtown, Pennsylvania

Mom’s back from seeing if the newspapers had landed at the end of the driveway. None of them had…

Photo essay - blizzard halts newspaper delivery in Westtown, Pennsylvania

Okay, so we can’t read the four newspapers that we usually get. But there is another job that we ought to be doing. It has something to do with the driveway.

Here are the tools of our driveway clearing procrastination…

Photo essay - snow shovels and other tools in Westtown, Pennsylvania

Actually, Mom and I did some snow shoveling, which felt like moving boulders. So, we went inside for breakfast and the weekly housecleaning session.

While I was cleaning a bathroom, I heard a joyful noise in the driveway. It’s Neighbor Jeff!

Photo essay - driveway snowplowing in Westtown, Pennsylvania

I raced outside with camera and shouted hearty thanks from the Retallick family. Jeff smiled and kept right on working.

Didn’t take Jeff that long to plow us out. Now he’s homeward bound…

Photo essay - driveway snowplowing in Westtown, Pennsylvania

A couple of days later, it’s rainy. And the rain is melting the snow…

Photo essay - raindrops on rhododendron in Westtown, Pennsylvania

But this is still Pennsylvania in winter, so it’s time for another hard freeze. Cue up the curled rhododendron leaves. When I was a kid, my dad called them the Thermometer Bushes…

Photo essay - freezing rhododendron leaves in Westtown, Pennsylvania

The icy weather also affected the view from inside the house…

Photo essay - frosty window in Westtown, Pennsylvania

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