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Photo Essay: Slacker Mesquite Tree

Welcome to my place, home of the slacker mesquite tree. This tree has the dubious distinction of being the last one on the block to bloom.

But when it comes to dropping leaves all over the place, my mesquite is a champ. I truly adore having to sweep the porch, over and over again…

Nature photography - fallen leaves from mesquite tree, Tucson, Arizona

Then came the rain. Perfect motivation for my slacker mesquite tree. And for me.

Because nothing screams “Photo Opportunity!” like big drops of water falling onto my plants. Here’s a feathery senna, enjoying the drink…

Nature photography - feathery senna pods in the rain, Tucson, Arizona

Okay, so I just called my tree a slacker. I plead guilty to the same offense. See this pile of busted up concrete?

Nature photography - concrete pieces in yard, Tucson, Arizona

Said pile has been in my yard for many months. The plan is to build a patio for my potted plants. My excuse is that I’m waiting for a good rain to soften the ground so it isn’t like digging into cement.

Onward to the white thorn acacias, which are proving to be even bigger slackers than the mesquite tree. Talk about slow bloomers…

Nature photography - white thorn acacia trees, Tucson, Arizona

Okay, looks like the rain has stopped. (We only got .07″ rain out of this storm. Slacker weather.) Time to inspect the rest of the yard.

Since I’m following xeriscape principles, the plants that need the least water are on the edges of the yard. Like these budding and propagating cactus plants…

Nature photography - Santa Rita Prickly Pear cactus, Tucson, Arizona

Nature photography - propagating cactus, Tucson, Arizona

After the slacker non-stormy weather left town, the sun returned, and what’s this? The mesquite tree is blooming!

Nature photography - blooming mesquite tree, Tucson, Arizona

The spring weather is proving quite motivational for my yard. All sorts of plants are fruiting and flowering. Let’s start by admiring the fish hook barrel cactus…

Nature photography - fish hook barrel cactus, Tucson, Arizona

The ocotillo’s also getting into the act…

Nature photography - flowering ocotillo, Tucson, Arizona

The rabbit ears cactus flowers need the morning sun on them before they open for another day…

Nature photography - rabbit ears cactus, Tucson, Arizona

That’s more like it!

Nature photography - rabbit ears cactus, Tucson, Arizona

To the kicker who planted his or her shoe print on this Santa Rita Prickly Pear, you may not realize this, but you just got a nice collection of thorns in your sneaker…

Nature photography - Santa Rita Prickly Pear with shoe print, Tucson, Arizona

And these aren’t the easiest thorns to remove. Have fun after they work their way into the sole of your shoe. That’ll make for some very painful walking.

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