Documenting My Yard

This project began as an effort to master the intricacies of my new camera equipment. I bought this equipment during the sizzling Tucson summer of 2018, and I sure didn’t feel like leaving home to practice with it. 

So, time for a self assignment. Open the doors to Martha’s Backyard Photography School, because class is now in session!

I figured that my trees, rocks, flowers, and cactii would have much more patience with my photographic trial and error than, say, people. (“C’mon, Martha, would you stop fumbling around with that camera and hurry up?”)

I also thought that, after a few weeks of shooting stationary objects, I’d get bored and move on to some other topic.

But the opposite happened. I started having way too much fun in the yard. During the course of shooting thousands of photos, I discovered that there’s nothing like capturing the veins on a leaf, or eavesdropping on bees gathering nectar.

Just Published!

What have I done with all of those yard photos? Well, I compiled them into a book that was just published. Learn more about the City Nature book.

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