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Travel Photography: University of Michigan Diag

Although the University of Michigan campus has grown since my student days, the Diag is still the heart of it all. The Diag consists of two diagonal walkways that intersect outside the Graduate Library. It’s long been a hotbed of activity, including this outdoor yoga class…

Travel photography - Yoga class, Ann Arbor, Michigan

The student’s feet are tantalizingly close to the Block M, which has special meaning for U-M freshmen. Campus lore says that if you step on the Block M before your first exam, you’ll flunk it.

I don’t recall if my feet touched the Block M before my first exam, but I do remember slipping on the ice-covered Block M a few months later. Lesson learned: The Diag hurts when you fall on it.

Having passed by the Block M, let’s head southwest along the Diag, into the late afternoon sun…

Travel photography - Walking across the University of Michigan Diag, Ann Arbor, Michigan

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