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Website Design: Biotechnology Management Consulting

March 2019 update: This website is no longer online.

Here are a few of the many accomplishments of Leon E. Barstow, Ph.D.:

  • Created the world’s first commercial DNA synthesizer, which is now in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institution.
  • Developed and commercialized new products with sales totaling $200 million.
  • Raised more than $35 million in capital for several small businesses.
  • Managed the removal of a dangerous chemical plant.
  • Taught and conducted academic research in the United States and Middle East.

A seasoned entrepreneur, Dr. Barstow founded and led three biotechnology companies involved in:

  • Commercializing protein synthesis and purification technologies.
  • Designing and manufacturing equipment for the automated production of peptide hormones by the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Developing new drugs to treat immune-mediated diseases.

I developed a website for his latest venture, biotechnology management consulting. It’s intended for senior executives and owners of biotechnology companies.

Because they deal with abstract concepts, management consulting websites do not lend themselves to highly visual treatments. While some designers try to avoid this problem by using stock photos, I believe that they give websites a generic look. And there’s nothing from stopping a competing website from displaying the same photos.

Furthermore, visitors to sites like Dr. Barstow’s are not looking to be dazzled by visual “eye candy.” They are looking for information. And they’re more than willing to read every word on a website.

This website won an Award of Merit in the International Association of Business Communicators-Tucson Chapter’s Cactus Quill competition.

Website Design: Biotechnology Management Consulting

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