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Website Redesign: American Journal of Medicine Blog

February 2022 update: The website has been redesigned since this post was published.

This blog exists to drive traffic to the Tucson-based American Journal of Medicine. It’s managed by a longtime friend and mentor, Pamela Powers Hannley.

The AJM blog started out on Blogger, but Pamela and the journal’s editorial board decided that it needed its very own home on the Internet.

Here’s the Blogger version:

Web redesign - Previous blog of the American Journal of Medicine

Let’s just say that Blogger is very limiting. You have very few layouts to choose from, and there’s only so much that you can do with them.

Time for an upgrade to the much more versatile WordPress content management platform, where the design possibilities are endless.

The new version is using a very well made WordPress theme from Woo:

Web redesign - Previous blog of the American Journal of Medicine

As managing editor, Pamela gets to cover the latest medical trends from a very different perspective. Suffice it to say that this isn’t an all drugs and surgery! all the time! journal.

For example, that “Science of Kissing” post (shown above) is very typical of the AJM’s content. You might also enjoy editor Joseph Alpert’s recent article on medical marijuana for diabetes.

On the blog front, Pamela is really enjoying the management of the top-of-home-page slideshow. Keep an eye on it because it will change often.

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