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Website Redesign: Jim Hannley LLC

Jim Hannley is a Tucson, Arizona-based financial planner who feels the need, the need for speed. When he wants to update his website, he wants to do it NOW.

Working on his old website was a convoluted process thatĀ involved downloading web page files, editing them with a word processor, then uploading the edited pages back to the server. When your job requires that you pay close attention to your clients’ finances, you don’t need this kind of aggravation.

So, Jim came to me for a site that he could edit himself. Quickly.

Using a combination of a pre-made theme and the open-source WordPress content management software, I got Jim’s new site up and running in a few hours.

This project also involved a rewrite of his copy, and it was a joy. Let’s just say that business and finance are two of my favorite topics.

Here’s Jim’s old home page:

Web redesign - Previous website of Jim Hannley LLC

And here’s the new one:

Web redesign - Current website of Jim Hannley LLC

Jim’s new logo was created by another one of my clients, Julie Rustad of Julie Originals.

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