Blogging My Book: Buyer Personas, Part 1

Since I’m planning on selling my book online, I just completed Startup Tucson’s eCommerce Masterclass. Among other things, the instructors assigned me the task of creating buyer personas.

As I see it, a buyer persona is a brief sketch of a potential book purchaser. I’ve created 10, and here are the first five:

  1. Blue for Life people are University of Michigan alumni. Known for their devotion to their alma mater, they are very interested in what other alumni are up to, and they love to name drop. I was first introduced to this activity while I was a cub reporter for the campus newspaper, The Michigan Daily. Our newsroom conversations often drifted toward statements like, “Arthur Miller worked for the Daily. And did you know that Tom Hayden did too?” This was our way of placing ourselves in the distinguished company of those who came before, and it also motivated us to improve our work.

  2. DIY Nation people will go to great lengths to avoid buying something if they can create it themselves. Also known as makers, they’re avid consumers of how-to books and videos on sites like YouTube. In my book, I’ll have plenty to say about my DIY projects in the yard and house.

  3. FOM (Friends of Martha) are the nearly 500 people on my monthly newsletter list. At least one third of them open each issue, and some subscribers have been on board since I started publishing back in 2005.

  4. Kelly Collector doesn’t just display art books on her coffee table, she devotes her entire library to them. Her collection may focus on a certain topic, or it might be eclectic. In addition to her books, Kelly purchases wall art by her favorite creators. I’m hoping that my book will earn an honored place in Kelly’s collection, and I’d love to sell her some wall art.

  5. Keystoners are Pennsylvania natives and those who live there. They love their state, its beauty, and how it can be used artistically. Even though I no longer live in Pennsylvania, I’ll always be a Keystoner because that state made me who I am.

In next week’s post, I’ll introduce to five more buyer personas.

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