Nature Photography

Nature Photography: Rain, Rain, and More Rain

For the past week, Tucson’s weather has done a pretty convincing imitation of the Pacific Northwest. We’ve had nearly 2.5″ of rain. As I write this, thunderstorms are moving into the area.

Many of our recent storms have started slowly. Subtly. You don’t think that much will come from them. Take, for example, this dampening of my front porch…

Nature photography - rain on front porch, Tucson, Arizona

Then the weather really gets motivated. And I’d say that it’s about time to finish my garden by planting some seeds in it…

Nature photography - rain falling on garden edge, Tucson, Arizona

All of this moisture has made for joy and feasting in the plant world. My front yard barrel cactii are getting downright plump…

Nature photography - plump barrel cactus, Tucson, Arizona

Then there was the Infamous 2nd Saturdays Downtown Storm. This one stomped into Tucson just as things were starting to hop at my favorite monthly gathering. I had plans to visit a couple of art shows and an open house, listen to Latino music, and enjoy some good eats, courtesy of all those local food vendors.

Well, the storm forced me and bike under a cigar store awning. Which leaked. Badly. I was very glad that I’d left the camera at home.

When the rain slowed down, I headed for home. Thanks to continued storminess, heavy street flooding, and numerous detours to high ground, getting here took an hour. Once I arrived, I went onto autopilot: Park the two-wheeler outside so it can dry off, hit the shower, then launder all the soggy clothes and bike gear.

The Morning After? Bright and sunny, but not cloudless the way it was a decade ago. For the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, I had to put the flag out…

Event photography - 10th anniversary of September 11 attacks, flag in Tucson, Arizona

A quick check of the back yard rain gauge showed that it was half full. What an optimist!

Nature photography - half-full rain gauge in Tucson, Arizona

The official tally: 1.8″ of rain fell at my place on September 10, 2011. Most of this rain came down while I was trying to make it home from 2nd Saturdays Downtown.

Time to stop procrastinating. I need to clean and lubricate that dirty bike. That is, until the next storm…

Bicycle photography - Dirty bike in Tucson, Arizona

Storm update: KXCI Community Radio’s emergency alert system is going nuts. And did I mention that I was down at KXCI last night? It’s the fall fund-raising drive, and I was answering the pledge phone.

Guess what I rode through on the way home? If you guessed “thunderstorm,” you’re right! So, the bike got another cleaning and lube job this morning.

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