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Nature Photography: Garden Planting

I’ll start this post with yet another lament about Tucson’s 2011 monsoon season. It’s been a real hit-and-miss sort of thing.

Take, for example, this approaching storm. Looks like it’s going to dump buckets of rain at my place, right?

Nature photography - clouds from approaching storm, Tucson, Arizona

It didn’t. But Tucson’s South Side got almost three inches of rain.

So much for hoping that the rain will soften the dirt and make my garden digging easier. But with fall’s cooler temperatures moving into town, no more excuses. It’s time to get that garden planted. Here it is:

Nature photography - vegetable garden mulched with straw, Tucson, Arizona

You may be wondering why the chopped up agave is in the garden basins. Well, it’s there for two reasons:

  1. It keeps the straw mulch from blowing all over the place.
  2. It’s a feral cat deterrent, just like those dried ocotillo branches on the fence rails. The idea is to encourage those kitties to find some other place to use as their litter box.

The seedlings are already starting to poke through the straw. Here’s the radish…

Nature photography - vegetable garden seedlings, Tucson, Arizona

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