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Nature Photography: Save Penn Wood

I was a very lucky kid. One of my grade schools was set amidst an ecological paradise. I mean, this place had it all — tall trees, flowers, birds, and all sorts of furry creatures. The perfect place for a daydreaming, artistically-minded kid.

I’ll admit to hearing more than a little bit of teacher flak because I had a tendency to stare out the window instead of paying attention in class. But when the view out the window looks like this, you can’t help but admire it…

Nature photography - Penn Wood School, Westtown, Pennsylvania

Alas, my mother reports that there’s a plan to close Penn Wood School. This could lead to the property being sold off for development. A “Save Penn Wood” movement is up and running, and I support it 1,000%. Kids need to be surrounded by nature, especially when they’re in school.

Update: Dad reports “massive attendance” at the school district’s meeting about the future of Penn Wood. And both Mom and Dad are pleased to note that Penn Wood has been saved from closure. (Me too!)

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