Nature Photography

Nature Photography: Seeding the Barrel

The gales of yesterday brought a stranger into town. Its name? Well, it’s called Rain. A real rarity around here.

It left a little bit of evidence in my garden…

Nature photography - rarely seen raindrops in Tucson, Arizona

A few minutes after I took this photo, the rain ran away from Tucson. So much for our warm welcome and unforgettable hospitality.

In other news: A neighbor put a wine barrel out for the recent Brush and Bulky pickup. I found some other goodies in his castoff pile, and he saw me carrying them away.

Next thing I knew, he had the wine barrel loaded onto a wheelbarrow and it was rolling into my back yard. Where it has since been filled with compost and is newly planted with spaghetti squash seeds…

Nature photography - seeded wine barrel in Tucson, Arizona

What’s with the dried out agave leaves? I put them in the barrel to keep feral cats out, and so far, those leaves are working quite well.

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