Nature Photography

Nature Photography: Sudden Storm

This past Tuesday, the 2011 monsoon season busted loose with its last hurrah. Which prompted a photographic frenzy around here.

First stop on the frenetic home front picture tour: The garden. Is it raining out there? Yes!!!

Nature photography - Rain falling on garden, Tucson, Arizona

I’m looking forward to the day when the seedlings (which are still too small to see in the above photo) start peeking through the straw.

The photographic frenzy continues in the front yard, where the pot in which I’ve planted all sorts of seeds is getting a good drink…

Nature photography - Rain falling on container garden, Tucson, Arizona

Looks like I may be successful at front yard container gardening after all. It’s been kind of a bust so far.

Time for a check of the front yard drainage. I had a problem with water pooling near the porch.

When I was creating my garden basins, I put some of the excess dirt in the front yard low spots. From the looks of things during this storm, those low spots are a thing of the past…

Nature photography - Front yard berms, Tucson, Arizona

Here’s another experiment that appears to be working. My home-made compost bins are staying upright during the storm…

Nature photography - Home-made compost bins, Tucson, Arizona

Hey, look! Now it’s really coming down! Look at that rain gauge filling up! Wonder how much rain we’re getting…

Nature photography - Rain falling into gauge, Tucson, Arizona

My official side yard rain gauge reading: .30″ of the wet stuff.

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