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Nature Photography: The Gifts of Winter

Winter is still very much in evidence here in Tucson. My frost-damaged container garden is an ongoing reminder of a recent cold snap. The good news is that some of the leafless plants are still alive…

Nature photography - frost-damaged container garden in Tucson, Arizona

That cold snap caused my mesquite tree to drop leaves all over the yard, driveway, and sidewalk. Here it is, plotting to cause me even more cleanup work…

Nature photography - mesquite tree losing leaves in Tucson, Arizona

I don’t mind if it drops leaves out in the front yard xeriscape…

Nature photography - mesquite leaves on the ground in Tucson, Arizona

…but the need to keep removing the leaves from other places gets old. Not that I throw those leaves away — I like to keep them on the property as mulch — but it’s the sweeping, sweeping, sweeping, and more sweeping.

Oh, did I mention that we’ve had some rain? Check out this rain gauge with .70″ of the wet stuff!

Nature photography - Rain gauge reading in Tucson, Arizona

Nothing like rain to motivate the sunken lettuce garden…

Nature photography - sunken lettuce garden in Tucson, Arizona

So, there’s the frost-damaged garden that may be making a comeback, a messy mesquite tree that drops another layer of mulch, much-needed rain, and a lettuce garden on the grow. Here’s another gift of winter: Lemons from a neighbor’s tree…

Nature photography - basket of lemons grown in Tucson, Arizona

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