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Photo Essay: Bathtub Refinishing

INTRODUCTION: My poor old iron bathtub has seen better days. Some of its troubles were inflicted by a previous owner of This Middle-Aged House. Said owner attempted to give the tub a new look by repainting it. Epic fail. Time to call Alfonso and Alex, the Tub Tamers. In just two hours, they refinished my tub to perfection!

This is one of those home renovation jobs that I would have loved to photograph. I mean, this one had it all. Expert craftsmen! Power tools! A LOUD ventilation fan!

But, once the work got underway, I was admonished not to go near it. Why not? Because I’m not qualified in the use of a respirator, and both of the guys needed them.

At the end of the job, I was allowed to take a brief look. Dang, that tub looked nice!

And then it was time to leave home. I’m currently at an Undisclosed Location, waiting for the fumes to dissipate.

Looking forward to enjoying that new-old tub!

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