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Photo Essay: Fence Replacement

INTRODUCTION: Daytime temperatures are now in the hundreds, but hot weather isn’t slowing my Tucson home renovation project. Here’s the third in a series of photo essays, featuring the fence that surrounds This Middle-Aged House!

My old board fence was in dire need of replacement. As in, sooner rather than later.

Time to do some hurry-up research on new fencing. Hello, search engines.

I wasn’t interested in another board fence – I wanted something sturdier. So, my search term was “Tucson metal fence.” In first place was Affordable Fence and Gates. Well, far be it from me to be against affordability.

What really sold me was the company’s series of videos. I was so impressed that I subscribed to the YouTube channel, scheduled a meeting with owner Jeff O’Neill, and placed a fencing order.

Now that the job is done, I feel like I’ve upgraded to more than a new fence. Thing’s as sturdy as a wall.

And I’m not done with Affordable. I still need new security doors and a gate. Stay tuned for another post!

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