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Photo Essay: Sunshine and Water

The brief story of sunshine and water in Tucson goes like this:

  • Sunshine: Way too much!
  • Water: Not enough!

Ultra-bright midday sun is turning my cabeza temporal squash plants into a bunch of swooning drama queens…

Nature photography - swooning cabeza temporal squash plants in Tucson, Arizona

Save those plants! Must have emergency infusion of greywater! To the kitchen we must go! It’s garden-bucket-water time!

Greywater in Tucson, Arizona

The water in the sink adds up to about half of what can go into this bucket. More than enough to revive the squash…

Greywater in Tucson, Arizona

Yes, I know. You’re not supposed to pour greywater on the vegetable garden. Or so I’ve heard.

My philosophy is that if it’s wet and it revives the plants, it’s all good. The soap is degradable BioPac from the food co-op. Works for me. And the garden.

Then I talked to a neighbor. He said that squash aren’t too fond of direct summer sun. So, time for the quick-and-dirty shade cloth structure…

Nature photography - garden shade cloth in Tucson, Arizona

Then there’s my long-suffering desert hackberry plant. Thing has never thrived. Finally figured out that it wasn’t getting enough water. Swamp cooler bleed-off water to the rescue…

Swamp cooler bleed-off water re-directed with irrigation line in Tucson, Arizona

Line runs across the back yard, goes under the fence, and terminates at a very happy hackberry…

Nature photography - desert hackberry in Tucson, Arizona

Next project, and yes, there always is one around here: Turning this pallet into the frame for a raised garden bed…

Recycled pallet in Tucson, Arizona

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