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Photo Essay: Mesquite Bean Math

Here’s the finished project, the end result of many weeks of harvesting and drying the mesquite beans from my front-yard tree…

Photo essay - milled mesquite flour bottled and ready for use in Tucson, Arizona

Thank you, Desert Harvesters, for doing the milling, and to Patty Goble for transporting me and beans to this event. This is what we came back to my place with…

Photo essay - milled mesquite flour in Tucson, Arizona

The raw materials? Three five-gallon buckets of beans. Which have been turned into 5.5 gallons of flour.

Pounds? Hmmm, let’s see. I have water stored in other jugs and a gallon weighs eight pounds. The flour jugs feel like they weigh half as much, so let’s say four pounds per jug.

In short, it looks like I have around 22 pounds of mesquite flour. Mmmm, time to bake some cookies.

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