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Photo Essay: Winter Gardening

Winters in Tucson are interesting, to say the least. For example, consider what we’re dealing with right now: A week-long cold snap.

Daytime temperatures have barely reached the fifties and the nighttime lows have hovered around the freezing mark. Today’s forecast high is 61. I doubt we’ll get there.

Time to check on how my fall-winter garden is faring. Lettuce in pots is growing nicely, while the raised bed crops are just moseying along…

Photo essay - fall-winter raised bed garden in Tucson, Arizona

Back in the container garden, cilantro is perking up and those never-say-die chili pepper plants are still producing…

Photo essay - chili peppers growing in Tucson, Arizona

In addition to the raised bed, I have a sunken garden that’s laying fallow. Why? No winter sun in this corner of the yard…

Photo essay - fallow sunken garden in Tucson, Arizona

In late November, we had a two-day storm that dropped 1.30″ in my rain gauge. Been waiting for an opportunity like this for the better part of the year.

I’ve been wanting to make the sunken garden deeper, and there’s nothing like a big storm for softening up the dirt. So, a-digging I went.

Which leads to the next question: Where to put the excess dirt? Answer: At the edge of my front yard, where it became a water harvesting berm in front of an ironwood tree…

Photo essay - water harvesting berm in Tucson, Arizona

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