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Photo Essay: Carport Gate and Fence Installation

INTRODUCTION: It’s post #7 in the Tucson Home Renovation series! This one features a company that I’ve worked with before — Affordable Fence & Gates.

This was one of those projects that made me feel like I was in charge of a construction site. The Crest Contracting crew that had done my roof and carport replacement was finishing their debris cleanup and roof coating. Working around the roofers was a two-man team from Affordable Fence & Gates. I’d previously hired this company for a back yard fence replacement.

My role? To be a gracious host to one and all, and to admire and photograph the work.

This was my first-ever attempt at photographing welding in progress. You’ve probably heard that warning about watching welders. Unless you’re wearing welder’s glasses or a mask, the torch light is bright enough to burn your eyes.

I don’t own welder’s glasses or a mask, so I had to compose my shots while the welder was getting into position. As soon as the electric welding machine turned on, I averted my eyes and started shooting.

If I was in a studio, I could have used a tripod with a remote shutter release for the camera. I also would have a running dialogue with the welder — “Move your torch to the right. And turn your head a little to the left.” This isn’t possible on an active construction site. You have to concentrate on staying safe — and quiet — while getting the best shot you can.

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