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Photo Essay: Pod Farming Adventures

A month ago, I blogged about the start of the mesquite bean harvest at my place.

Around Tucson, you’ll also hear those beans referred to as pods. This post is about my adventures as a pod farmer.

The harvest started slowly, but let me tell you, my front yard is now under full bombardment. That big ole mesquite tree is dropping pods right and left…

Nature photography - mesquite pods on the ground in Tucson, Arizona

After removing this abundance from the front yard, it’s time to give my pods the wash and dry treatment.

They get a rinsing to remove dust and dirt, and then it’s off to the Big Bin Dryer Line. Where they get 24 hours of outdoor drying…

Nature photography - mesquite pods drying in Tucson, Arizona

Dried pods go to my shed to await this fall’s mesquite milling. Looks like this will be a four-bucket year…

Nature photography - stored buckets of mesquite pods in Tucson, Arizona

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