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Photo Essay: Exterior Door Repair and Replacement

INTRODUCTION: The Tucson Home Renovation series hits double digits! Enjoy post #10 …

When it came to facilitating a grand entrance, my exterior doors left a lot to be desired.

The previous owners had painted them a horrid shade of red, and the security doors were secure in name only. Matter of fact, one of the security doors was falling off the house!

Time for a doorway makeover.

For this job, I hired Hugh Goglin of Countywide Services. He replaced one the doors, rehung the other, and painted them both with a more attractive shade of green paint. Affordable Fence & Gates handled the security door replacement.

Now that the job is done, permit me to share something with you: I never thought that opening and closing doors would be so much fun. The difference between before and after? I have doors that properly fit their frames. Sounds like a little thing, but until you’ve experienced it, you’ll never know how much better your house can feel.

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