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Photo Essay: Front Walk Replacement

INTRODUCTION: Welcome to post #11 in my Tucson Home Renovation series! This one addresses a major safety issue at my place.

Before I got too far into my home renovation adventures, I asked a home inspector to take a good, hard look around my property. He flagged a lot of things, and I’m glad he did. His report provided an excellent roadmap for the work I’ve had done since the spring.

One of biggest red flags was the most embarrassing: My front walk.

Mr. Home Inspector called it a trip hazard, and he was right. That walk looked to be as old as the house, and it had several big cracks. I’m here to tell you that my do-it-yourself patches did not improve the overall appearance.

Since I want my visitors to make a grand entrance without doing a faceplant, it was time for a new front walk. The replacement work was handled by Allied Concrete and Ray Ready Mix.

I’m pleased to report that this job took just one day to complete, and I’m delighted with the results. Now I have a walk that provides a smooth path from the driveway to my front door.

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