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Photo Essay: Exterior Painting

INTRODUCTION: Welcome to post #12 in my Tucson Home Renovation series! This one moves us into the final phase of the exterior work, and it’s all about careful preparation.

When it comes to home improvement jobs, painting is one of those things that a lot of people think they can do. You’ve probably seen the results, which, shall we say, leave a lot to be desired.

For my exterior painting project, I hired Arizona Paint Professionals, and I am very glad I did.

My wonderful experience started with that phone call from owner James Linville. He was calling to let me know he was on the way to my house, and he wanted to make sure that he was on time for our estimate meeting.

Ahhh, punctuality. These days, punctuality is uncommon, and I’m in awe whenever I experience it. I also admire attention to detail, and that’s coming up next …

After I paid my deposit, James and I set a start date. And then we had to delay it. Reason: Tucson’s very wet winter. Another storm rolled in, and James had to send his most detail-oriented crew to other jobs for a week.

Just after dawn on Monday, March 11, James and painters Justin and Sean arrived at my house. That marked the first of two preparation days. And then it rained again. Darn that Tucson winter!

The dynamic duo of Justin and Sean returned on Thursday, they finished their oh-so-careful preparations, and then it was painting time. What a pleasure it was to see these guys at work. Even better, I feel like a I have a brand new house.

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